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Elegantly Engineered 3D Printed Solutions to your Problems

Hi all, my name is Steven Salazar, and I am the owner of SoCal3D. What makes SoCal3D different from many other similar shops, is that I design all of the products myself, rather than using someone else's models. I have worked as a Design Engineer on space hardware, and now I look to use that experience to improve people's lives by designing and 3D printing products that solve our everyday problems.

My first idea came to me when I realized that many people now have reusable water bottles, but a majority of the larger sizes do not fit into our car's cup holders. This was a big annoyance, because the water bottle would often be rolling around on the passenger seat and fall on the ground. I decided I would come up with a better solution than just a flimsy piece of plastic, which was all that you could find on Amazon at the time. I began to design my initial ideas on what's called a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program, then printed this design on my 3D printer. I then iterated through this process multiple times, until I got to my final product which works well and is sturdy in the cup holder. This is what led me to start SoCal3D, so that I could share my useful designs with the world. I find the process of designing and building extremely satisfying, because I get to be creative and solve problems at the same time.



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