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2x Light Switch Lock- Two Pack - Protects Against Unwanted Switch Flipping From Children, Cats, and More - 3D Printed - Kid Safe - Non Toxic

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Have an important light switch that you don't want accidentally turned off or on? SoCal3D's Light Switch Lock protects your light switches from unwanted flipping from children, cats, or anyone who is not dexterous enough to operate this product.

The Light Switch lock is reversible, meaning you can install it to lock the switch in either the off or on position.

The Light Switch Lock works by making it easy to flip the switch in one direction, while making it difficult to flip in the other direction. To go from the "locked position" to the "unlocked position", use one finger to push the lock out of the way, while simultaneously flipping the switch with another finger. This process requires a decent level of dexterity, which deters young kids, pets and other from flipping the switch. To go from the "unlocked" to the "locked" position, simply flip the switch normally.

To install, remove the two screws holding your light switch cover on. Align the Light Switch Lock to either lock the switch to the on or off position, then fasten everything together again with the two removed screws. This Light Switch Lock fits with covers whose screws are 2 and 3/8 inches apart (2.375"). This listing is a two pack, meaning when you order qty. 1 from Etsy, two Light Switch Locks will come with your order.


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Cody Elkins
Amazing Products at Amazing Prices!

I really do not think I can put into words how fantastic these products have turned out to be! With the light switch guard the installation is a piece of cake and you can install it either to prevent the switch from being flipped up or down! Then with the wine glass holder for the shower the construction of it is amazing! The suction cups provided are not your normal crapping suction cups the ones included are amazing quality! It even has a little drop down thing to hold your phone which fits the iPhone 12 Max Pro with a case on! Last but certainly not least was the throw in gift of a tool to allow you to not touch germ prone places! With COVID still being an issue in the US it was an amazing gift plus it came with a stylus for the gas pumps even! 10/10 will recommend my friends checking this place out!