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Cup Holder Adapter - 3D Printed - Works with 32oz & 40oz Hydroflasks, with silicone boot, and 36 oz. YETI

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Please read the full description to ensure you choose the correct size.

Have a water bottle that doesn't fit in your car's cup holder? This is the product to solve your problems! The Cup Holder Adapter is an adjustable device that fits into your cup holder to hold larger size water bottles that wouldn't have fit before. This cup holder adapter is designed to work with 32 oz. and 40 oz. Hydroflasks, as well as other similarly sized water bottles.

There are two sizes:

  • "Regular" which is designed to fit 32 oz. and 40 oz. Hydroflasks with nothing on them. The Regular size has an inner diameter of 3.75 in 
  • "Silicone Boot" which has an added gap to fit bottles with the Silicone Boot. The 36 oz. YETI bottle will also fit in the Silicone Boot size. The Silicone Boot Size has an inner diameter of 3.85 in

This product was designed using a computer aided design program, then 3D printed on a high performance 3D printer. As a a result, layer lines from the manufacturing process are typically visible. To assemble your Cup Holder Adapter when you receive it, thread the lower and top parts of the Cup Holder Adapter together. To secure your Cup Holder Adapter to your cup holder, rotate the central spindle to expand the fingers, until the Cup Holder Adapter is tightly secured in place. 


 EXPOSING PLA TO HIGH TEMPERATURES FOR PROLONGED AMOUNTS OF TIME CAN LEAD TO WARPING/ MELTING. IT IS ADVISED TO NOT KEEP THE CUP HOLDER ADAPTER IN YOUR CAR IF THE INTERNAL TEMPERATURE WILL EXCEED 60°C/140°F. If your car is going to be left in the sun, it is recommended to crack the windows and place the adapter in the shade away from direct sunlight.

If you do not wish to worry about your adapter warping/melting due to high temperatures, it is recommended to choose the High Temp ASA for material choice. Please note this material only comes in black.

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Fits perfectly no matter what kind of car I’m in and completely removes the hassle of carrying around my water bottle in another bag!