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Hydro Flask AirTag Holder

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Never lose your reusable water bottle again! The Hydro Flask AirTag Holder loops around your bottle's cap, and stays put with a strong neodymium magnet. 

This item is designed for the 32oz and 40oz Hydro Flasks, as well as other stainless steel water bottles that have a diameter of 3.58". If you have a different sized water bottle, please message me and I am happy to make a custom size for you. 

Please note the Apple AirTag is not included

EXPOSING PLA TO HIGH TEMPERATURES FOR PROLONGED AMOUNTS OF TIME CAN LEAD TO WARPING/ MELTING. IT IS ADVISED TO NOT KEEP THE AHYDROFLASK AIRTAG HOLDER IN YOUR CAR IF THE INTERNAL TEMPERATURE WILL EXCEED 60°C/140°F. If your car is going to be left in the sun, it is recommended to crack the windows and place the AirTag Holder in the shade away from direct sunlight.

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The AirTag holder worked very well. Better than I expected. It was the perfect size to fit the airtag and it will fit either way inside the screw top.